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Aphrodite Picnic Bike "Casanova" Black & fire... *~Aphrodite Shop~*
At first please watch our video here:

Aphrodite is so proud to present something new and super original for your Second life!
Specially made for this time of the year, for the most special date and fun ever! The picnic bikes! UNIQUE!
Picnic bicycle "Casanova" black & fire version includes:
Black Bike
16 LI
4 Single Poses
11 Couple Together poses
Includes all the poses of the other bikes and extra seducing poses (yawn trick, serving wine and toasting/ drinking the wine)
4 Couple Eating poses
10 Props
-Optional Open/close-Table on touch
-Optional wearable bike with AO
- Picnic box Open/Closes on touch.
-Optional wearable bike with AO. Ridable bicycle!
This amazing bicycle also includes a menu controlled animates fire as gift and a couples log fully loaded with more extra poses and props!
Log with orange checkers pattern picnic blanket:
6 Single Poses
34 couple animations
17 Couple Poses
2 Props

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