Hair... Tameless Hair Lindsey - Mega Pack  Tameless
Bracelets... GeWunjo : ALISCHA silver gold bracelets   GeWunjo
Necklace... GeWunjo : ALISCHA  silver necklace  GeWunjo
Pants... 20.FIVE Mesh - Abby Capris  20.FIVE
Top... ~~[M] Short Wrapped top  [Motivaction]




Dress.. {Indyra} La Fillette Collection ... Indyra Originals 
Flex Gown, Chemise dress, Stockings, Glovers, Choker and Optional Tango Hud


Blouse, Pants, Hat and Cameo collar... {Indyra} Couture: Jenny French  Indyra Originals
*Sheer, vintage lace, cameos, & tophats. In five colors: Noir, Navy, Umber , Vert and Grey.




[LIV-Glam] Pack For 55 Thursday Sponser Week
Hair... Tameless Hair Quinn - Mega Pack  Tameless
Corset and Skirt... [LG] Boutique-[ WINTER-13] WhatChu Need   LivGlam
Boots... [LIV-Glam] Winter 2012-[Stella]-Envy Boots  LivGlam
Bag... [LG] Boutique-[ WINTER-13] Criminal Clutch   LivGlam



Dress... [LG] Boutique-[ WINTER-13] Upside Down LivGlam
Sandals... [LG] Boutique-[Papina Wedge Sandals] LivGlam
Bag... [LG] Boutique-[ WINTER-13] Criminal Clutch LivGlam
Hair... Tameless Hair Chica - Mega Pack   Tameless




Top and Skirt... [M] Short tied top & Double layered mini skirt   [Motivaction]

Necklace... GeWunjo : ATHENA onyx necklace  GeWunjo

Ring... -UtopiaH-

Hair... ::Exile::


Skateboard Pose... [M] Attitude *EXCLUSIVE WTSL*  [Motivaction]

Shorts... DN Mesh: Parton Shorts  .:Ducknipple:.

Boots... (r)M~(ePunk) Boots~No.09  (red)Mint

Hair... [LeLutka]

                                                                       Hud Shorts


[LIV-Glam]  Pack SSW

Coat... [LG] Boutique-[ WINTER-13] Cold December Night    LivGlam
Bag... DN Mesh: Betty Bag  .:Ducknipple:.

Jacket and Skirt... [LG] Boutique-[ WINTER-13] Last Friday NIght   LivGlam

Boots... (r)M~(ePunk) Boots~No.07  (red)Mint

Hair... Tameless Hair Cat -  Tameless



[LIV-Glam] For Fi Friday

Dress... [LG] Boutique-[ WINTER-13] My Signature Move  LivGlam

Hair... Tameless Hair Lotus - Mega Pack  Tameless

[LIV-Glam] for SuuperSaverWeekend
Dress... [LG] Boutique-[ WINTER-13] You send me Flying  LivGlam
Hair... Hair... Tameless Hair Lotus - Mega Pack  Tameless
[LIV-Glam] For 60LWeekends

Jeans and Top... [LG] Boutique-[ WINTER-13] Be fair With Me Baby  LivGlam
Hair... Hair... Tameless Hair Lotus - Mega Pack  Tameless


Boots... (r)M~(ePunk) Boots~No.03  (red)Mint
Collar... (r)M~Posture V-Collar (Women) ~ No.05    (red)Mint
Dress... DN Mesh: Brinta Dress .:Ducknipple:.
Hair... Truth




Jeans, Sweater and Boots... Prism Jenna by Journey in Winter Berry  Prims
Hair... Tameless Hair Quinn - Mega Pack  Tameless

Skirt, Stockings, Sweater and Shoes... Prism Yesi by Journey in Winter Morning   Prims
Hair... Tameless Hair Quinn - Mega Pack  Tameless



Cardigan... ~~[M] Ladies Studded Cardigan *FATPACK*  [Motivaction]
Hair... Magika
Cardigan in three options, with or without vest and shirt with or without



[LIV-Glam] Pack For Secret Wed 9th Dec

Dress... [LG] Boutique-[ WINTER-13] On To The Next One  LivGlam


[LIV-Glam]  Pack For PureSales - 11 Dec

Jacket, Skirt and Bodice... [LG] Boutique-[ WINTER-13] Say You'll Be  LivGlam


[LIV-Glam]  Pack For 55 Thursday

Dress... [LG] Boutique-[ WINTER-13] Love In December   LivGlam



Dres... !Soul Mesh Summer Dress Group Gift  !SOUL

Hair... Tameless Hair Precilla - Mega Pack  Tameless

Dres... !Soul Mesh BlackDress with Ruffles  Gift  !SOUL

Hair... Tameless Hair Precilla - Mega Pack  Tameless


Dress... DANIELLE Estelle Christmas - Jubilee Dress Group Gift   STYLES BY DANIELLE

Earrings ... GeWunjo : DEFNE crystal red earrings  GeWunjo
For Styles by Danielle Christmas is getting closer. Dani Plasstiz has made this truly breath taking gown "Estelle" and the version that I'm wearing above is a special dedication to her + 2000 group members.
As you see in the picture shown above, Estelle is made of the finest lace with a mesh body that comes in 5 sizes and fits perfectly. The gown has 2 different alpha's. One that also hides the feet.



[LIV-Glam] Bloggers Pack Steals & Deals

Jacket, Pants and Belt... [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Glad to be Unhappy   LivGlam

Hair... Tameless Hair Sandy - Mega Pack     Tameless


[LIV-Glam]  Pack RFL Christmas Expo 2014
Dress... [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Reminisce   LivGlam
Hair... Tameless Hair Precilla - Mega Pack  Tameless


Pants and Jacket... [LG] Boutique-[ FALL-13] Funny Honey   LivGlam


With it's figure hugging cut and open back this dress is a celebration of femininity. Adorned with starburst jewels that catch the light you'll be the center of attention. This dres...s is so versatile. It has a beautiful, flowing flexi skirt and gloves that make it perfect for a ballroom or formal occasion and can also be worn as an elegant pencil dress.

Styles by Danielle has released the "Estelle" gown in 8 different version and since we are in the Christmas mood, I am showing you the red version. The difference between the group gift version of "Estelle" and the other 8 versions are that it comes with gloves and sleeve attachments. Also the Poinsettia is different and has 5 different color options on it.