Oufit... {Indyra} Felina   {Indyra}
Hair... TRUTH
Dark Magick is in the details! This ultra femme collection drips with sexy glam appeal.Sheer in all the right places! Tango & Phat Azz HUDs included

-Crop Top
-High waist flex-skirt
-High waist pants
-Flex cuffs
-Shoulder pieces
-Tango HUD (opt)
-Phat Azz HUD (opt)


Earrings, Bracelets and Necklace... GeWunjo : SAMIRA jewelry set   GeWunjo

Dress... ~~[M] Ladies tied SweaterDress   [Motivaction]

Hair... Truth



Oufit...{Indyra} Aziza* whit appliers Lola's Tango and Phat Azz   {Indyra}

Hair... D!va




Oufit... ~[M] I'm a whore, and i love it (For Suicide Dollz)   Motivaction
Necklace... GeWunjo : ALISCHA  silver necklace  GeWunjo


Taxi for  Suicide Dollz , Bi-Weekly Event


Necklace... GeWunjo : MAGGIE diamond necklace    GeWunjo

Hair... [elikatira]

Top... Zaara



Earring, Bracelets and Necklace... Sarah Collection Onyx/Strawberry Gold     Zuri Jewelry
Skin... (r)M ~ (Skin) Caramel, No.14 ~ (4)Ivy  (red)Mint
Top... *MUKA*
Hair... Adoness


Jacket... VG MILITARY JACKET (LTD. EDITION)  VG Shoes    SALE ROOM (Lasts during all MARCH)
Skirt... VG WOOL SKIRT  VG Shoes     55L THURSDAYS (from 03/06/2014 till 03/12/2014) (AT MAIN STORE)
Shoes... VG STARLET ONE CAMO (LTD. EDITION)  VG Shoes   SALE ROOM (Lasts during all MARCH)
Hair... ""D!va"" Hair "Kalli" (Ruby)





Earrings, Necklace and Bracelet... Zuri Jewery Sarah Collection Azul/14KGold   Zuri Jewelry


Earrings... GeWunjo : VICKY opal earrings   GeWunjo

Necklace... GeWunjo : VICKY opal necklace  GeWunjo


Earrings... GeWunjo : HARRIET ruby earrings    GeWunjo

Necklace... GeWunjo : HARRIET ruby necklace   GeWunjo

Skin... (r)M ~ (Skin) Caramel, No.14 ~ (4)Ivy     (red)Mint



Skin... (r)M ~ (Skin) Caramel, No.14 ~ (4)Ivy   (red)Mint
Hair... (r)M Hair No.18'14 ( B l o n d s )   (red)Mint
Mini Short... ~~[M] Morena Mini Shorts [Motivaction]
Top... Gawk!




Bra and Panties... PARADISIS Soft love  Paradisis  (Colors: Red, Black and Pink)

Jewerly... Zuri Rayna~Czarina Collection Blk Diamond/Black Onyx Blk Pearl  Zuri Jewelry


Dress... PARADISIS Evening glow  Paradisis  (Colors:  Black, Gold and Red)
Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet... Zuri Rayna~Czarina Collection Blk Diamond/Black Onyx Blk Pearl  Zuri Jewelry